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BCA Kayak Safety and Rescue Course




2 Hours


About the Course

BCA Certified class

The BCA Kayak Safety and Rescue course is your go to training for being confident on the water and learning how to handle your craft in case of an emergency. Not only will you learn the proper way to rescue yourself, but you will also learn how to rescue other paddlers in need. The class maintains a 1 to 5 ratio so every student gets great attention and everyone leaves confident in their ability to handle a kayak.

The class is two hours long.

Are you looking to take this class but you don't own a kayak? You can rent one from Bayou City Adventures!

Minimum of two students required to conduct the class

Your Instructor


Rico Torres created Bayou City Adventures with the hope of introducing people to the joy of being outdoors. His goal is to bring families together and to help clean up our watersheds by allowing people to have fun while seeing the very thing we wish to preserve and conserve.

Rico holds the following instructor certifications:
ACA Level 1 Stand up Paddle Board
BCA Level 1 Stand up Paddle Board
BCA Level 2 Stand up Paddle Board (Moving Water)
BCA Level 3 Stand up Paddle Board (Surf)
BCA Level 4 Stand up Paddle Board (Rescues)
ACA Level 1 Kayaking
BCA Level 1 Kayaking
BCA Level 2 Kayaking (Rescues)
BCA Level 3 Kayaking (Surf)
BCA Level 1 Water Rescues
BCA Level 2 Water Rescues

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